The Eco Concept

The Eco Concept is a collaboration between Chaize and Balloon Concept: the Swiss team has been developing and testing Eco Balloons envelopes for years during many performance flights.

It’s a balloon flight, Jim, but not as we know it.

  • Balloon Concept’s experience adapted to our Cloud Surfer
  • Double envelope adapted to your needs (choose your inside envelope size)
  • Optional aluminised fabric (inside / outside envelope, or both) helps reduce heat exchange
  • Depending your flight configuration, reduce your gas consumption by 30 to 60%

The concept

  • A double envelope: It is the difference between the temperatures inside and outside the balloon which allows it to rise. Therefore the inside hot air bubble must be insulated as much as possible to prevent heat loss. The Eco Concept option adds a second envelope inside the balloon, which can vary in size according to the desired weight / energy gain ratio.
  • Aluminised fabric: aluminised ripstop, uniquely developed and made in the UK by Stormproofing Ltd, for a reduced heat exchange.

The Eco Concept in pictures