The Dawn Chaser

The first racer to be designed and made in France, the Dawn Chaser was created by Benjamin Cleyet-Marrel in 2013.

Next Generation Racer

  • Its highly distinctive profile provides extreme climb and sink rates, while maintaining stability and safety
  • Its lowered centre of gravity maintains sufficient internal pressure during cold descents to keep the balloon mouth open, up to 7m/s
  • During climbs, the pointed upper part allows excellent penetration, and the curved parachute holds enough hot air for speeds up to 9m/s

A simple range, Unparalleled performance

  • 3 volumes, de 1800 à 2200 m3
  • Full Hyperlast for maximum resistance and ruggedness
  • Strapless Tech: Strapless technology is standard equipment on the Dawn Chaser, making it lighter, safer …and more beautiful! Braided ropes replace the strap system, reduce the weight by 30%, provide better structural strength, and show off the visuals more effectively.

Fair prices, no hidden costs

  • Full hyperlast on all Dawn Chasers, and at the same prices on all our envelopes
  • The balloon bag
  • Scoops and lower panel made of Nomex on all our envelopes
  • Artwork whether inlaid, overlaid or printed. To get a full quote, ask us a visual for your project
  • Optional rotation vent and clear PVC windows on the balloon top
  • Please note: FDS (Fast Deflation Systems) can’t be installed on Dawn Chasers
Volume m3
Volume m3
Volume k feet3
Volume k feet3
Option Ventaux
Rotation Vent
Option FDS
FDS option
Prix HT
Prices exc. tax
DC1800 1 800 63 16 Hyperlast + 550 € N/A 18.290 €
DC2000 2 000 70 16 Hyperlast + 550 € N/A 19.490 €
DC2200 2 200 77 16 Hyperlast + 550 € N/A 19.990 €

Prices can vary. Contact us to get a quote!

Dawn Chasers in flight…