Special Shape Balloons

Special shape and made in France? Pas de problème. Our engineering and design skills will bring your project to life!

Why would you want a special shape balloon?

  • Looking for a captivating and exceptional communication media? Special shapes, even more so than “classic” hot air balloons are a sight to behold and can only inspire wonder.
  • Looking for a way to travel with your balloon? Special shapes are extremely popular and attract crowds in the bigger festivals, making it an obvious choice if you want to be invited everywhere!

Designed, engineered and crafted in France

The first step is to examine the feasibility of your project:

  • structure
  • airworthiness
  • esthetics
  • pricing

It is a good idea to start with a simple sketch. Then we create a 3D modelization of your project which allows us to give you a quote and estimated deadline. We can also assist you with your sponsor presentation if needed.