Ballons Chaize are an approved maintenance organisation (CAMO Part M/F).
This comprises the maintenance and repairs of


  • Annual check
  • Grab test
  • Repairs, full or partial panel replacement
  • Parts changing:  fuses, carabineers, fusibles, mousquetons, temperature indicator
  • Ropes replacement: valve, FDS, …
  • Adjustment of halyards and ropes, valves, FDS, vents to improve airtightness


  • Wickerwork maintenance
  • Fittings replacement
  • Leather repairs or replacement
  • Woodwork repairs or replacement
  • Cylinders straps
  • Basket fittings
  • Custom made rods


  • Annual check and cleaning
  • Joints replacement and refurbishment
  • Flexible hoses replacement
  • Defective components replacement


  • Joints replacement
  • Rust control
  • Cylinders renewal